Where do I fit?

In John chapters 14 and 15, Jesus is saying goodbye to His disciples. Chapter 15, starting with verse 18 continuing to verse 25, Jesus warns the disciple that they will be despised. As followers of Christ, we are often despised. We do not belong to this world. Yet we must live in this world.  We... Continue Reading →

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My prayers have become a habit

John 14: 11-14:  Verse 11:  Jesus is in the father and the father is in me.  The same as Jesus is in you and you are in Jesus. When I write it like that, it is very confusing.  Did you invite Jesus to live in you?  Now that we are past that point, think about... Continue Reading →

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Taking the difficulty out of prayer

Matthew 6:5-14:  The disciples asked Jesus how to pray. It is a question many still have today.  The answer is not a long drawn out prayer.  The answer is found in the Lord's prayer.  It is actually just a few lines.  We give up our praises acknowledging that God is in charge. We pray for... Continue Reading →

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Psalm 31:1-5: Trust in the Lord

I have had people thank me for writing about being down. It seems many struggle.  That is why God gave us David. David struggled, but he always turned it back to God. I think that is the key, Give it to God. 1 In you, Lord, I have taken refuge;     let me never be put to... Continue Reading →

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A Leap of Faith

Over the past few months, I have been having a hard time hearing God. When this happens I feel as if I am without direction.  I feel empty.  It is my own fault, I have not been reading the word as I should.  I have not been sitting in quiet meditation waiting to hear God's... Continue Reading →

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1 Peter 5:6-7: Giving it to God

This morning I woke feeling extremely grumpy.  It is never a good place when you don't sleep very well.  Last night was the worst.  I was up till almost midnight with pain in my legs.  The doctor does not have a good explanation for the pain, it is in the middle of the thigh.  As... Continue Reading →

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Thru Jesus you are a holy person

1 Corinthians 1:1-3 gives us news that should cause us to Dance.  We are Holy.  That is how God sees us as Holy before Him. He does not see as fat or skinny,  rich or poor, ugly or beautiful. God looks at each of us and sees a beautiful creation. He does not see white,... Continue Reading →

Gifts of the Spirit or just a talent?

What is the difference between a gift and a talent?  Do not forget Gifts of the Holy Spirit, which is a completely different category. I once heard someone say that you can only have one talent at a time.  What they should have said is you can only successfully use one talent at a time... Continue Reading →

It’s NOT That Hard

Tuesday was a hard day.  One of those days that everything, even my hair hurt. The rain did not help.  Sure it helped the yard, just not me.  What was different? that morning I did not read the word, I did not pray.  I crawled out of bed after a poor night's sleep and just... Continue Reading →

To a day almost as important as Easter

Pentecost is an overlooked Christian holiday.  Why should we celebrate a Jewish Holiday?  Because God used this day to give those who believe in his son, the Messiah, the savior of the world; the gift of the Holy Spirit, the helper, the guide.  Upon Salvation, upon baptism, the Holy Spirit is sent to be the... Continue Reading →

Seek Wisdom

How often do we give thanks to God?  Oh sure, the big stuff we tell God thanks. But what about the small stuff?  Romans 1:21-23: mentions wisdom with thankfulness.  James 1:5, tells us to ask for wisdom without doubt. If we have Godly wisdom, there is not anything we cannot understand.  In Romans 1:21-23, we... Continue Reading →

Psalms 56:4

What can mere mortals do to you with God on your side?  There are times when the  words: just pray, remember God is on your side, God has this, are just not enough. We need to know that we are not the only one that has had this trouble. You are not the only one... Continue Reading →

What is a Nicolaitan- a wolf in sheep’s clothing

Revelation 2: 14-16, in the letter to Pergamum; John records that they have allowed followers of the Nicolaitans to remain in the congregation.  Nicholas was someone who skewed the word of God to suit their selfish needs.  It says God hates them.  How do we prevent ourselves from being fooled by such people?  We read... Continue Reading →

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