Does God talk to us?

Recently I listened to a sermon where the first thing I truly heard the pastor say is God does not talk to you, he does not send signs, … at this point I was like WHAT? what on earth do you mean God does not talk to me? I hear him all the time. Are you telling me that is just my voice in my head when I pray? you know that whisper that I hear?  Well not all the time, not every time I pray, mostly when I should pray for someone else, without even knowing why.  Like the other morning I had a dream about someone coming to my house saying they needed help. This was a person that I have not spoken to in some time. I wake up and realize I need to pray for that person.  Later that day I hear about something that person is going through that same day. I saw a post – made about the same time I was praying that they were requesting prayer. – That is not God??? It was not until I had to explain the sermon to someone else (my ladies Bible study group) that I realized what the pastor was saying. It took me a few days to figure it out.  What the pastor meant was that some people expect a sign like Gideon had- (the fleece on the ground dry one day and wet the next Judges 6:36-40).  Or like with Moses and the Ten Commandments- Exodus 31:18.  Maybe like Paul was blinded Acts 9.  You know open the skies with a big voice saying something like this is my son with whom I am well pleased (Matthew 3:17).  We hear God as one of the ladies said- I kinda stopped talking for a second or two- because the meaning just hit me- when we seek him.  We read our Bibles, we pray.  As we read our Bibles we understand God. We start to understand how things work God’s way versus our way.  But as we pray and sit quietly before God, we start to hear that whisper.  See when God talks to us, through the Holy Spirit, the intercessor. (John 16:17), it is a whisper.  He waits for us to come to him. I have heard that it is okay to pray the “fleece”, ask for a sign, I have tried, it does not ever seem to work that way for me.  I generally tend to hear him in my sleep in a dream. sometimes, I am quiet enough in the day, when I am in prayer about something all day. eventually I am quiet enough that the answer kinda comes to me. So no God does not talk to you if you are seeking a miraculous sign it probably is not going to come- unless you praying for a baby or something of that nature. At least it is not going to come without some work for us. Take the new job. God is not going to plop it in your lap. But he will give you direction, concerning where to apply, what to say at the interview. My last interview really opened my eyes. I did not get the job, but I learned a lot about where I should be going. I am still slow on the work part. But I need to seek the job, I need to apply for the job, and then I need to do the interview. So seek God, read the Bible, and pray; you will find answers and The Holy Spirit, the intercessor will give you direction- ever been offered a job and you just knew you should not take it? But God is not going to open the heavens and say something like this is the job I want you to do.  YOU HAVE TO SEEK HIM.


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