1 Peter 5:6-7: Giving it to God

This morning I woke feeling extremely grumpy.  It is never a good place when you don’t sleep very well.  Last night was the worst.  I was up till almost midnight with pain in my legs.  The doctor does not have a good explanation for the pain, it is in the middle of the thigh.  As if someone stuck a knife into my leg.  As a result, I was rather irritated all day long.  Nothing in particular wrong. Just Miss grumpy pants.  I have finally reached a place in my walk with God, where if I play the radio all day, where if I fix my eyes on Jesus; those grumpy moods don’t turn into jumping down everyone’s throat days.  Things went wrong, but I can honestly say that I can not remember growling at anyone. I am now exhausted beyond belief, yet sleep is no  where to be found.  Shortly after writing this short part, I fell asleep.  It is now the next day, I have slept; and do not feel like a grumpy pants.  See that is one of those nifty things about walking with God that I am learning. Confession, we think it has to do with sin.  And maybe it is the sin of pride- thinking it is okay, I can handle this- But confession to the Lord is not just about sin. It is also about the stuff we are having trouble handling.  After telling God about it, it becomes easier. Like last night, I wrote that I still had trouble with sleep- I gave it to the Lord- then BOOM, I am asleep.  This is what it means- Give it to God- to cast your cares to God – How many times did Jesus say “do not worry? 1 Peter 5:6-7:  So humble yourselves under the mighty power of God, and at the right time he will lift you up in honor. Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you. 


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