Wisdom seekers verses Mockers

Proverbs 9: 1-9: As a substitute teacher I see a variety of students Some want to gain wisdom, some are as it mentions in verse 7 mockers; See the mockers are not interested in learning, I mean could truly careless.  Thankfully, there are very few mockers maybe about one in hundred students.  The days you have a mocker in your class; those are the days, that make you wonder why on earth, do I want to substitute?  You substitute for the days when you actually reach a student. That is where as a substitute, I am fortunate. As a substitute, I see a many students in a single week; sometimes it is well over 100. Sometimes it is the same group. 9 times out of 10, it is the one the teacher has said will be trouble that is the wisdom seeker.  The key is giving them responsibility. Oh and I have learned to take the responsible student – the one the teacher labeled.  Ask them to be the backup for the “trouble maker/slower student” –always in private. What I mean by back up, I ask them to check on the “trouble maker or slower student” and make sure they are keeping up with the class emphasizing that they have to be nice about it.  (Learned that the hard way) This recipe does not work 100%. It works enough to make it worth the few minutes it takes to pull the special helper, the one that is used to helping aside and give them an assignment. The way I see it the troublemaker can go one of two ways. They can become the mocker, or if we start early, they are the wisdom seekers. They will always have to study hard to get good grades. However, if they learn when they are young to be wisdom seekers, then they will continue to be wisdom seekers. This does not mean that they will not make big mistakes, we all do. It just means they will be more likely to learn from their mistakes. Now the mockers, the ones throughout their educational career are mockers, do not give up on them many can still become wisdom seekers. People are not always, what they are until well past high school. Chances are the mocker is naturally smart, being naturally smart they bore easily. But smart and wise are not the same thing.  Not all straight-A students are wise.  Some of the straight-A students are really nasty.  Wisdom seeks true knowledge; wisdom seeks the Lord. Through knowing the Lord, we learn to behave. We learn how to treat people. When we know how to treat people then we gain.  Not necessarily monetarily, but we gain.

1Wisdom has built her house;  she has carved its seven columns. She has prepared a great banquet,  mixed the wines, and set the table. She has sent her servants to invite everyone to come. She calls out from the heights overlooking the city. “Come in with me,” she urges the simple.  To those who lack good judgment, she says, “Come, eat my food,  and drink the wine I have mixed. Leave your simple ways behind, and begin to live;  learn to use good judgment.” 7Anyone who rebukes a mocker will get an insult in return.  Anyone who corrects the wicked will get hurt. 8 So don’t bother correcting mockers;  they will only hate you. But correct the wise,  and they will love you. 9 Instruct the wise, and they will be even wiser. Teach the righteous,  and they will learn even more.


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