Are you an Armchair Quaterback?

Hebrews 11:6: I woke up this morning to Matthew West singing “Do Something”. What a great message to wake me up.  Then I read Hebrews 11 : 6  and realize that I could do something. This verse: 6 And it is impossible to please God without faith. Anyone who wants to come to him must believe that God exists and that he rewards those who sincerely seek him. This verse tells me it is not just the right thing to do something, it is the right thing to do what God tells me to do. For me it is trying  to write encouraging messages, and  to try  to show His LOVE to the world through my actions. I am 100% successful at NEITHER.  This does not mean that I should give up.  I really need to keep trying keep doing, understanding that I will never be perfect. Understanding that no matter how hard I try, I am going to fail. But I strive to keep my eyes focused on God. Because I know that the more I keep my eyes focused on God, the easier it will be to reach the 100% mark. Sometimes to Love the world, I have to be vulnerable and share the pain I have in my life or the pain I have had in my life. As Christians sometimes we just expect to push all the imperfections aside and deny that they exist.  It is funny because when I was younger, I was a great speller, but now I am a terrible speller. The red lines in my documents are crazy. Instead of feeling bad that I have lost the talent of being able to spell almost any word, I thank God for spell check. That is how we strive on, we do not dwell on our imperfections we thank God for them. We embrace the pain, the imperfections and say God use me despite all of it. The big point is we can’t let it just be words, We have to actually do something. Not sit by and let others do, we can’t be armchair quarterbacks, we have to pick up the ball and run.


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