It is a pain day- No matter there is Joy

Psalm 29: 10-11: I am claiming this promise for today.  It is a pain day- a day when for whatever reason, I woke up in pain. My back hurts, my legs ache. My fingers do not want to move, and my ankles do not want to turn. Fortunately, I do not have very many days such as this. Generally, the pain is at the end of the day and I am able to sleep it away. However, last night, it was hot in the house, and I was reluctant to turn on the AC. As a result, I did not sleep well. These days happen. However, today I am claiming the strength promised in these verses- there is too much to do to allow pain to be in charge. I am claiming the peace promised in this verse. There is too much to do to allow the pain to take over. After all, it is sent by the evil one to derail me from what needs to be done. Is it my work I want to do, or is it working for the Lord. If I do it from a point of joy, it is for the Lord. Ecclesiastics 9: 7: Go, eat your bread with joy, and drink your wine with a merry heart; For God has already accepted your works.  When we do our work with gladness in our heart it is good.

10 The Lord sat enthroned at the Flood, and the Lord sits as King forever. 11 The Lord will give strength to His people; The Lord will bless His people with peace.

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