Giving up for the Lord’s Fight

There is so much to absorb in the Bible. We have to immerse ourselves into the Bible in order to understand it.  Recently someone asked me how do you keep peace in these times.  Good question! How do you keep peace when everything seems to be falling apart? Believe you me, it is not easy and I fail.  If you have ever been behind me at the grocery store, you know that I fail. The peace just whooshes – and goes away. I am rather picky about how my groceries are packed.  Fruits and vegetables do not go with meat.  They just don’t and God forbid the cashier decides to put detergent in with anything.  I have started to rebag my items and leave it at that.  It is much easier and quieter.  Recently however, a cashier became upset about me rearranging my items. She started to hide the bag on me and put what she wanted to in the bag.  She by the way was starting to put the dish washing liquid in with my bacon.  Just as I noticed the dish washing liquid had a leak.  Yeah everything in that bag had to go back.  Instead of stopping to hear what I was saying she shoved the leaky bottle into the bag.  You should have heard her when I said, that she will now have to return everything in that bag.  I did pretty well until she refused.  My next comment brought the attention of the supervisor which had been standing a few feet away from us. I said fine return the whole order, I am leaving. Then I proceeded to leave.  The manager did the only sensible thing.  She put the cashier on break.  The cashier did not have peace and I did not do much to help her in the “peace” department. It was a new situation; cashiers do not generally care if you re-bag your items. Most of them just let it go.  So now, that I thought I was doing well at the grocery store; I have a new thing to consider. How important is the placement of those items? Especially if I am stealing someone else’s peace- because then I am not being a good example and I am losing an opportunity to share Jesus with someone. I guess as long as they don’t smooch the bread, put the tomatoes on the bottom, or put detergent in with something. I guess I am going to have to learn to let it go.  Please don’t put the dairy in with the meat.  Meat juices will get all over my yogurt!

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