We can be our worst enemy

2 Thessalonians 3:3: Sometimes God is protecting me from me.  We can be our own worst enemy.  We have fears that we allow to cripple us from moving forward.  One of the fears I have is rejection. It is deep-rooted from my earliest childhood days. I had a second grade teacher that told me I was dirty all the time. I have an olive complexion and she thought I should look as white as my mother, my sisters, and my step-dad.  She would send me home with notes saying how I need a bath. She did not like my long hair and was always threatening to cut it so I would look more normal.  She would insist that I put my hair in a ponytail. She even tried using a rubber band and putting my hair back herself.  I jerked out of her hand and was sent to the office. She was told she was not allowed to touch my hair. The result was that she would fling rubber bands at me and tell me to use them or go home.  My mom finally started putting up my hair for me.  This is just one story in many of rejection. There was you are perfectly qualified for the job, but you are pregnant. Like many women, I have been passed over for promotion –being more qualified than the male that received the position. The worst was when I was expected to cover for the promotion a male received instead of me. Yeah I walked off that job. However, the evil one knows this and is constantly trying to say – you do not want to try that, they will just reject you. The truth is people are rejected all the time. Most people accept this as a fact and it does not bother them or at least they do not let on that it bothers them.  I have tried this approach. I have worked in jobs where I have been miserable, but I never let on that I was miserable. The result is my last straw is broken and I have an emotional meltdown. My favorite rejection is when I was sat down told what a valuable employee I am how the organization will be lost without me- it was a volunteer position. They did not know how I managed to do all the work that I did in just 10 hours a week. They never really came out and said that I was fired or no longer needed. I went in the next day and found someone sitting at my desk and doing what I thought I was supposed to do. The new volunteer informed me that they do this now. I need to see if there is something else that I can do. Somewhere in all the praise that was lavished on me, I missed the point that they wanted someone else to do the job. I can now laugh about this, but it would have been easier if they had just said, we want someone else to do what you do. Save me an hour of listening to a bunch of false praise. If I were still insecure, this would have thrown me back into a spiral. However, I have reached a place in my relationship with God, that I know I am valuable. I know that God does not reject me.  He does not reject anyone that comes to Him and He gives us the tools to thwart the evil one. He even steps in and blocks Satan when we pray and ask Him. When we read the word we gather the fuel to throwback at Satan. I can now say that David was rejected, someone tried to kill him, more than once. If David had to deal with rejection, so can we.  Is someone causing you to go into hiding?

But the Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen you and protect you from the evil one.



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