You never really know how important the quiet time with Jesus really is until you are in a position where having quiet time is difficult, when you are unable to have time to yourself. Especially if you are in the middle of a project and life throws a curve ball. When your response is not necessarily, the one it should be. It is then that you realize how much those few moments with Jesus really stabilize your day.  It really does only take a few moments. Okay, a few moments everyday is not good for the long-term but say for a week or two, even a few moments is vital.  Recently I was in this situation, where finding quiet time with Jesus seemed impossible. Looking back, it would not have been impossible; it just would not have been the same time as it had been. I could have adjusted, but I failed. By the end of the week, I was exhausted both mentally and physically. My mind was in a negative place and I was very grouchy. Flexibility, I know that life requires flexibility. I know this, yet somehow, in this thing, I fail. I am not flexible. I do not like rearranging my schedule to be accommodating. God is frequently calling me to do that very thing, rearrange my schedule. I so desperately want to have everything organized and on a schedule. I so desperately want to have time carved out to do business. Yet no matter what, it does not work. God is repeatedly saying you just have to take the time you can get. It is not always going to be at the same time every day, but you are going to have to do it anyway. For whatever reason God keeps telling me to go with the flow, take things as they happen. I have also recently realized that it is okay to have lists. It is okay to put up a storyboard and work on it as I can whenever there is time. I have to learn to accept that there may be things that I have to give up. Things like being a couch potato. Like sitting in the living room watching TV that is boring, thinking it is boring and not doing something else is rather foolish. It is not that I need to have a schedule; it is that I need to have a list, a goal, know where I need to go; and then utilize whatever time God gives me to accomplish that goal. It is okay to have some clutter, some sticky notes. What is not okay is not doing what God calls me to do just because I cannot do it when I want to do it. God says now is the time, and we just need to be obedient and move.


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