Harmony, Leadership, and Strength.

Romans 12:4-5:  This explains why we need community. We are designed by God to help each other to work in harmony.  We say the body of Christ, then we go our separate ways. When we need to be in contact with each other raising each other up in prayer. We need to be there to lend... Continue Reading →


Jesus tell us that each person who comes to Christ is reason to celebrate.

Daily Prompt: Maybe

via Daily Prompt: Maybe Maybe people could learn to be nice to one another. Maybe we could all get along Maybe people wouldn't see me as poor Maybe people would see me for who I am. Maybe pain would go away Maybe people would stop hurting each other. But the God gave us free choice... Continue Reading →


God can and will forgive you no matter what. There is not a sin so great, except blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, that is so great that God will not firgive you.

Discipline, Plagues, and Evil

Proverbs 15:10-11, James 1:13, Habakkuk 1:13-15, Exodus 7:14-11:10 (Not Shown): Discipline, Plagues, and Evil We need to be able to distinguish between Discipline and Evil. Think of it this way.  We are good parents, and when we discipline our children, we deny things such as video games or cell phones, or not allowing them to... Continue Reading →

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