Luke 12:6-7: a sparrow

It is such a  tiny bird.  They swoop in front of my car as I drive down the country roads. Darting past the windshield.  I do not want to hit any of those little birds. Because I know that God sees them.  But if I turn the radio off, and listen to the voice of God, I will hear him remind me that he is in control. Each of us has things in our lives where we feel totally out of control. Things happening that we do not like the way they are going.  Over the years I have learned that some of my worry was pointless.  For example, my husband likes to complain about his work.  He complains to me because it gets the crap off his chest.  Well I took it seriously and I am a fixer.  Well I used to be a fixer.  I was always trying to help my husband find the job where he would be happier. See many of his jobs, he was perfectly content. But I did not see it, so I was always trying to fix it.  It was not until I worked in the civilian world, non-government world that I realized civilians hate their jobs too. Oh and civilians are intentionally mean. (it was an adjustment) Very few people have employment that is fun all the time. Although I think government workers corner the market on complaints. We shouldn’t, for the most part work is easy and we are paid decent.  Okay, soldiers are paid crappy. But there are other perks, except for the war zone thing, it is not a bad gig, mostly. There is a big huge difference in how we treat each other. And when my husband came home saying these things about this co-worker and that co-worker; well I thought OH MY how can people be so cruel?  and instantly you need a better job. so many cruel remarks.  Your boss called you stupid? that is awful. After boot camp, my boss did not call me stupid. (at least I never heard it) My boss knew the names of my sons, okay our sons went to the same school and were about the same age and played together. But she knew everyone else’s kids names as well. But let’s get to the point. I said I used to be a fixer, well through my husband’s job and my one civilian job, I learned to let go.  I found out that if I prayed about the things that he was complaining, they got better. See I am still a fixer, I just give the fixing to God, the one who cares. I mean a sparrow is important to him, so we must be important to him.  If he knows the revolving number of hairs on my head; then I must be extremely important to Him and so are YOU!!!

Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? Yet not one of them is forgotten by God. Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows


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