Daily Prompt: Maybe

via Daily Prompt: Maybe

Maybe people could learn to be nice to one another.

Maybe we could all get along

Maybe people wouldn’t see me as poor

Maybe people would see me for who I am.

Maybe pain would go away

Maybe people would stop hurting each other.

But the God gave us free choice so we would not be mindless robots. And When Satan chose his own path away from God, evil entered the world.  When Adam and Eve chose to eat the apple.  When each of us choses to sin, evil is lurking.  There is Salvation, there is hope; God sent His Son to save us. He sent the angels to bring us hope and comfort. He sent the Holy Spirit to guide us.

Maybe some day there will be peace in the world. But until that day, I go on, I believe with others like me. We pray, we try, we do, we work to make this place called earth a better place. In this world it seems as if we are failing.  But I know in the end, God wins. We win.

Maybe if each of us could try just a bit to be nicer to someone else. Maybe if we could think less of ourselves and more of others. Maybe we will see something beautiful at least in our corner of the world. See I can’t change the whole world, I can just be a brighter light in my tiny corner. Maybe you can too.








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