Serving God/ Fighting for your family

As a Christian we are supposed to put nothing in front of God.  It states very clearly that there should be no other God before Him.  Jesus stated that we are to love God before our family. (Matthew 10:37).  This used to be a real struggle for me.  Because I do not want to put my children in front of God, that is considered idol worship?  What Yes, if you are putting God aside for your children, meaning that you will lie for them, then you are placing your children before God.  Now I know that there are people who have stolen to provide for their children, it is not right, and it is a shame that you have been placed in the position of stealing or letting your children go hungry; and this is not putting your children before God.  This is actually the whole point.  God gave us our children to care for to nourish and to fight for them. We do this the best that we can, even if in some cases it means giving them up for adoption. It took me a long time to realize that God gave me my family and it is my job to correct my children (okay, I knew that one) It is my job to do everything I can to steer my children in the right direction- AWAY FROM THE LIONS DEN. As a wife it is my job to counsel my husband just as he should counsel me.  The difference is if my husband says don’t do that and I do it anyway, I am not falling inline with the Bible.  I can give my husband counsel and he has to chose to take it or not but it is not on my shoulders if he does not. See that is accountability. God holds the husband accountable for his decisions concerning the household. As a wife, I am held accountable if I fail to pray for and counsel my husband wisely.  I also have to trust that my husband is listening to the Holy Spirit and being wise about his choices. Fighting for your family is taking care of the talents or gifts that God has entrusted to you. We fight for our family in many different ways.  Sometimes it means being shrewd and counting every penny, using coupons and price challenging, planning meals around what is on sale. Using every little scrap. Sometimes it means being shrewd and wise with your conversations with your children.  For example the other day, my son said I do not want to hear anything bad about my girlfriend and you can not talk bad about her.  I told him that it is my responsibility to fight to keep him out of the lion’s den, and that if I were wrong, the Holy Spirit will convict me that I am wrong; not him. See I just happen to think that families have stopped fighting for each other. That society is in the dumper because family values have gone down. We allow our children to watch smut on the TV, on video games, on movies. We don’t always teach our children that we should be polite even when the other person is being rude. We don’t teach our children that being fair is important. Take for example when our family went to Disney, there was one ride that my oldest son really wanted to ride. His brother was about 1 inch too small to ride. My husband decided to take him on the ride. I always thought that this was a mistake. However, I thought that I was being respectful and going with his decision. I was wrong.  This one act put a division between my sons, the oldest one thought he was the favorite and the rest of the trip was full of we need to do this my way, dad backed me up on this. As a result the rest of the trip was filled with the oldest son’s ego.  Which explains why the wife has a duty to provide wise counsel because this is her God given responsibility. At that point in time, The oldest son’s happiness was put in front of everyone else and is a perfect example of putting a child in front of God. We put his happiness in front of the happiness of the whole, disrupting the flow of the family. Not a Godly action. Anything we do with our family that favors a member over another is not Godly and therefore placing something in front of God. Yes we will fail, that is because we are human but that does not mean that we should not keep trying to protect the gifts God gave us to the best of our ability. That does not mean that we should not work hard to reverse the damage done when we fail. God gave us a family and caring for them is the Lord’s work.


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