Who doesn’t love a sale?

I know that is an odd question for a blog that is about Jesus and His love for us.  An odd question for a blog that is about sharing the Love Jesus has for us with others.  I mean this love is not for sale.  We can not buy our way into heaven with gold, silver, or by our own works. We love bargains, what better bargain than free?  Salvation after all is free.  Following Jesus is free. It does however require a commitment.  Commitments are not free. Or are they? What is the cost in being kind?  Sometimes it feels inconvenient. Take yesterday for example, I went to my favorite Laundromat. It was unusually busy.  Still I took the time to see if I had any quarters for the lady who works there. She collects certain coins.  She does not collect them for herself, she helps people fill their collections. Collecting quarters is serious business. She also takes the time to talk to every single customer. She will pray with you right then and there if you ask her.  She remembers information about every single customer. She does this freely because of her love for Jesus spills over to others in a way that is rarely seen in this world. She loves so freely that when I arrived yesterday, she immediately told me that she had a wash cloth that I had left the previous week.  A washcloth, which I had bought in a pack of a dozen on sale for less than five dollars.  A washcloth that was not important to me. I am rather thrifty with my cash. It is why I am going to a Laundromat.  Instead of buying a new washer, mine is in pieces being fixed. I don’t dry my clothes there because my dryer is in good working condition. There are Laundromats which are closer, but I go clear across town to this Laundromat because of that lady, the lady who finds even a washcloth of a customer important. It reminds me how everything about me is important to Jesus. Jesus who gives even the worst sinners Love and for free, no strings attached. I would not have to do anything for this lady to have her help me. I do thing for her because I see Jesus in her and want to support her efforts in loving Jesus. She has such a gift for loving people I feel that maybe by being there some of that will rub off on me. But in case it doesn’t I can support her in her ministry, financially when I can or feel God calling me to help her. I can support her emotionally by listening when things are overwhelming to her. I can support her through my prayers. Because of my love for Jesus this “cost” is not a cost at all. I can do this as a gift because I love Jesus.  After all free is the best sale of them all.


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