Exodus 21, It is just Human Nature

I know what you are thinking, the Law UUUGHHH! How BORING.  Besides we are no longer under the Law, why even bother?  I used to think the same thing, then I opened my heart and said God had these chapters written; it was not written for the Hebrews to read, (there was not the ability for each to have the scrolls) but us.  Why? Well it really helps us understand human nature.  I mean some of the punishments for breaking the rules sound pretty harsh.  But then I got to thinking about how cities are torn apart by gang wars.  They probably started as petty as the Hatfields and McCoys, over a pig and a dress or a chicken and a dress.  Or like other wars over the centuries someone wanted more territory. Humans as a whole are frequently dissatisfied with their lot in life.  A bit of dissatisfaction is good, it helps you strive to be better.  I would much rather be dissatisfied with my Walk with Christ than my position in the world.  But let’s face it, I am human and frequently, I find myself being dissatisfied with my possessions. It generally starts because of the big flaw.  A flaw which the ten Commandments warns is bad. Proverbs warns us it is bad, Jesus warns us it is bad.  That flaw: covetousness.  We want things and we want nice things.  Sometimes we want and are unwilling to do the work to get what we want. Sometimes we want to do more for the Kingdom and that means personal sacrifice.  We have to be willing to have less things to help others.  Sometimes that is really hard. For example, I do not have an underground watering system.  I have to physically go water my lawn.  This year, I did okay until it was time to bring in the hoses for that first freeze.  The problem is we did not have enough rain this year and after that first freeze, the temperature rose into the 80s for a few weeks. My hoses were not rolled up when they were moved into the garage, as I had requested. They are too heavy for me to pick them up when they are lying tangled in a heap. Therefore my lawn is dead. I look at my neighbors with their green beautiful lawns and two things happen.  One I am mad because I am physically unable to get those hoses, the ones that are supposed to be rolled up; and water my lawn.  Two I am jealous because my neighbors have underground sprinkler systems with beautiful green lawns.  I should have hounded those in my family that are physically able to untangle those hoses instead of wasting time feeling sorry for myself. When I read the Books of the Law, I understand that this is human nature and it is much easier to forgive myself.  I mean it really is me that has a hard time forgiving myself.  Jesus on the other hand, forgives the second we repent and ask for forgiveness.  We read The Old Testament to understand why we should forgive ourselves as Jesus forgives us.


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