Filter, the eye of the beholder.

What filter do you use in your daily life?  Most of us have some sort of moral filter, a line we won't cross.  But what filter do you use when you meet someone new. Do you try to see people as they are, or do you see people through your own filter? The answer most... Continue Reading →

The ramblings of a Crazy

It has been a hard few weeks.  I thought that when the holidays were over things would get back to what would return to some semblance of normal.  I know that normal really is a state of mind. However, I frequently feel there is nothing normal about running around putting out fires. Then I heard... Continue Reading →

Do you pray?

We hear it so often " Pray for ..." The real question is are you praying for ...?  Maybe you asked someone else to pray because you feel they are a stronger prayer warrior.  Maybe you asked someone else to pray because you think God answers their prayers.  When I was a child I thought... Continue Reading →

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