I want to be an ant

As I sit down to read my Bible, it seems as if everything is pulling me away from reading God’s word.  The pet’s water bowl is empty.  Oh look the cat wants some food in her bowl.  The dog wants outside.  Now guess what I have to go utilize the lady’s room.  When will it... Continue Reading →


Did you pray today?  For some praying is hard.  I think it is because we complicate it.  We hear the elaborate prayers and hear how elegant they sound.  We feel as if we can not duplicate that.  You know which prayers I mean the ones that start Oh Father God. The truth is prayer is... Continue Reading →

The Beggar

John 5:2-7:This man had no one to help him.  No friends, no family, no church. Can you imagine being that alone?   I can't imagine being that alone. Not only was he alone he was an invalid. He was someone no one saw.  Jesus saw him.  To the world, this man did not exist. But... Continue Reading →

Personal Peace: a Necessity

Some weeks it seems as if I am just spinning my wheels.  This past week, I worked to repair my home office space.  It had become a mess.  Sometimes I feel as if my walk with Christ is the same mess, all cluttered with life. There is a book over there that I had been... Continue Reading →

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