Personal Peace: a Necessity

Some weeks it seems as if I am just spinning my wheels.  This past week, I worked to repair my home office space.  It had become a mess.  Sometimes I feel as if my walk with Christ is the same mess, all cluttered with life. There is a book over there that I had been reading.  I struggle to find time to spend time with Jesus. I have a new convertible  laptop.  Getting used to it has been difficult the screen keys pop up even when I amusing my blue-tooth keyboard.  It is really representing my struggles connecting with Jesus this past week.  Oh sure there were many things done, but then, I did not complete all of my objectives and I did not spend as much time on actual work tasks as I would have liked.   Yet everything I did was necessary, except for the fact that I did not spend much time with Jesus. This is a big huge MISTAKE.  (Yes I used to adjectives meaning the same thing.) I did it because I want to emphasize the importance of the mistake. It is vital to my emotional control, my spiritual well-being, and even my physical well-being.  Physical well-being? Well yes, when I spend time with Jesus, sleeping is much easier. When I spend time with Jesus, I am not as easily irritated with people and when I get irritated with someone it eats at me. When something is bothering me, I don’t sleep.  Sound familiar? We need to work our relationship with Jesus for us.  Because when we are spending time in the word, we receive the peace promised to us.  (John 16:33)  This peace is not something that we should take for granted, but something we should cherish. I don’t know about you but the results of ignoring that personal relationship gained through reading the word, listening to praised and worship music (yes if I am alone, I sing along) and spending quiet time just listening; is time not well spent.  When I take that time, I actually seem to have more time to get things done in a day.  Why? because the Holy Spirit keeps me focused.  A focus ME is a more productive ME.


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