Was your week long? It is worth it

It has been a long week.  But we all have long weeks. Sometimes it feels as if every week is long.  Over the past few years, I have learned it is more important that we don’t neglect our relationships just because we are busy.  Not just our relationships with our immediate family, but during those busy hectic weeks we often forget to touch in with God.  I know it is hard.  There are days that I struggle to read my Bible or pray. One thing that helps is a Bible app.  Before apps, I used to take some time to write a couple of verses on a 3 x 5 card.  I kept it in my purse.  Now almost everyone has a cell phone and can get a Bible app, most are free. If you open the app when you are at home and on the wireless; the verse of the day will stay on your phone even if you are not www connected. Just take a minute every few hours to read the verse of the day. It builds your relationship with God, and It is worth it.  When that relationship is good, the other relationships are easier. Family, friends, co-workers they will all see a difference.

And if you are a regular reader, you already know that even a thought (OH God help me) is a prayer. I know it is hard you get busy and the day gets away from you. It takes an effort, but it is worth it.  Once you make that effort and are comfortable with saying a Hey God in your head, the more peace you will feel.  Let’s face it when your relationship with God is good, then it is so much easier to maintain those other relationships. family, friends, will all see the difference. What do you have to lose?


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