Taking the difficulty out of prayer

Matthew 6:5-14:  The disciples asked Jesus how to pray. It is a question many still have today.  The answer is not a long drawn out prayer.  The answer is found in the Lord’s prayer.  It is actually just a few lines.  We give up our praises acknowledging that God is in charge. We pray for provision for the day. We ask for strength and wisdom, then forgiveness and finally we turn it back to God.  Amen. If it is good enough for the disciples then it is good enough for today.

One thought on “Taking the difficulty out of prayer

  1. We hear the pastor and the tele-evangelists make long dragged out prayers. We think to ourselves, I could never do that. The truth is we don’t have to Romans 8:26-27 tells us that the Holy Spirit will pray for us. How easy is that? #micdrop


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