Sometimes chaos wins but that it not the war

There are so many books written about how to hear the voice of God.  But not much is written concerning attacks from the evil one.  No the evil one is not omnipresent, he does however, have many minions.  They roam the world seeking to exploit our weaknesses our insecurities. Are they constantly attacking anyone person? No, do they sit there waiting for God’s people to make mistakes just waiting to pounce on every weakness?  Do the sit there knocking over glasses of milk? No probably not, but I wouldn’t put it past them.  Are they responsible for all the evil in the world? Yes, absolutely. Do they target certain individuals and ignore others? Some days you might think you have been a target of some evil entity’s attention.  Perhaps you were. What is important to remember if you have been caught in their cross hairs, is it feels like chaos. God brings peace, Satan and his minions chaos. So maybe when the baby knocks over the glass of milk, maybe the evil one is at work. How do you fight it?  You call on Jesus’ name and tell that evil one to get out.  The catch? you might have to frequently repeat this. You might have to chase the evil one away more than once a day.  It is not something that gets easier the more you read the Bible, the more you pray.  Actually the more you do these things the harder the evil one will try to stop you. Why bother?  Because a relationship with God brings peace. Yes sometimes Satan will step in and you will allow him to steal your peace. But that does not mean that you give up? No you don’t give up.  What you do is let it go forget the failure, ask forgiveness and start a new day.  So what it that stinker won a tiny battle?  The allied forces didn’t win every battle and neither will you. During WWII there were times when it looked as if the bad guys would win. But did that stop us? NO Get up, put on your big person panties and tell satan not today.

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