Push the “reset” button

I started today filled with good intentions. I started out by posting about being blessed because Jesus is alive.  Then I started running errands with the intent of spreading cheer.  Bank, that went well.  I wished her a Happy Easter. I moved up the highway, first driver cut me off, turn up KLOVE.  second dyellow birdriver cut me off, OOY!.  I go into the store.  It is crowded, I am shopping out of necessity. I really do not like to shop, but Friday morning isn’t generally crowded. I forgot it is Good Friday, okay, I forgot that lots of people shop on Good Friday.  I forgot why in the back of my head, I knew I should have gone earlier this week.  No school, I will go Friday. It was crazy in the store.  Employees stocking shelves and blocking whole aisles. People standing in the middle of aisles talking on their phones. I got tense. But believe it or not I did not say anything negative.  However, I did lose my joy.  Back in the car, I remembered something.  Sometimes life is yucky, sometimes what we want to do doesn’t always happen. However, Jesus does not stop loving me and I can push the “reset” button with a bit of prayer.  Another way to push the “reset” button is by reading the verse of the day.  One half an hour of negative emotion washed away with a couple of minutes of prayer.  Me telling Jesus that I oopsed. Me asking God to reset my emotions.


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