Seeking Forgiveness when you feel separated from God.

Recently I read something about Satan possessing Christians.  That is such nonsense.  If you remain in Christ, he will remain in you.  Once the Holy Spirit is in you, Satan cannot enter, unless you allow it.  The connection between a saved Christian, one who has invited Jesus in their heart is joyous full of peace.

It was remembering that I was missing that connection that caused me to repent and seek forgiveness. I could hardly feel the Light that was inside me.  It was a terrible feeling.  But I was never possessed by Satan, try as he might.  Why because I knew in my heart that I was living in a sinful manner, that I was not honoring God, I was not being fruitful, I was not using my talents for God’s glory.  I did not deny that God is.

We can read about this in Matthew 12, When the pharisees said that Jesus is of Beelzebub. Jesus told them in short that they were being ridiculous. Satan would not have a reason to drive himself out of people.  In John chapter 6 we learn that Jesus will never drive us away.  In John 15, we learn that if we remain in Jesus, He will remain in us.  It is not possible for the Devil to enter into a vessel where Jesus is. The key is we have to remain in Jesus. Satan cannot posses a child of God as long as that person remains a child of God.

That being said, Satan can lead you astray.  We can be tempted. We can even depart for a time; but unless we completely reject God, Satan cannot keep us. We are His always. It is only by our choice that we can become demon possessed.  It is terribly sad when that happens when someone who lived in the light denounces the very existence of God.  It is hard for me to understand, How could someone that has experienced the joy and peace of Jesus every deny that He is real?  That Jesus is the Light of the world, the Messiah?

I know it happens, but I cannot imagine it.  Oh I have been tempted, I have given into temptation. There is not a soul alive, except for Jesus, that has not given into temptation.  For all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God (Romans 3:23-24). Think about even Peter fell for a brief moment. (when he died Christ 3 times.  Yet in John 21 we learn that Peter is FORGIVEN.  Why?  because Peter was truly repentant. Peter believed in Jesus. as was I.  If you have fallen astray, there is a way back, you just need to repent and seek forgiveness.


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