The hard thing about being a diabetic

is everything.  Besides the medication and its side effects, there is a diet to watch, remembering to exercise, checking for cuts and bruises and making sure they heal properly. There is the other crazy stuff.

Common comments:  (Comments I wish I could avoid)

them: I wish I could watch my diet as well as you do.

Me:   I have to watch it, not watching means a trip to the ER

Them:  you can cheat on your diet and try this dessert I made.

Me:  I can’t eat the whole thing, but I will try a couple of bites.

Them: I thought our friendship meant more that you could give me an opinion of my baking.

Me:  I did that before I had diabetes in a couple of bites, why should now be different?

Them: Why are you always wearing a bandage?

Me:  When I test my blood sugars sometimes I bleed. (for the fortieth time)

The interesting thing about being a diabetic, is I can use all those meal/snack times to read the word.  You don’t have to read God’s word in big chunks, you can read it a little bit at a time. It is actually better that way.  If you read a few verses at a time, it is easier to digest.  Think about the Thanksgiving meal how full you feel afterwards, how little you feel like doing.  Now think about how energized you are after a healthy protein/carb balanced snack. If you read God’s word and think about what you have read, then go back and read some more; you will gain the understanding. Through understanding comes the wisdom of God.

Being a Christian is similar to being a diabetic, you make the changes one step at a time. You change your diet one step at a time.

You change your Bible reading habits one step at a time.

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