What is in a number?

In The Revelation of Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior, there are letters to 7 churches. These letters make frequent use of the number 7.   Seven lampstands, seven angels, seven stars, and seven churches.  Some things referring to other things.  lampstands=churches, stars=angels. However, the first thing that we should seek is honest evaluation of our own walk.  Are we too tolerant of sin? Do we ignore sin and say oh it is their issue? Let me tell you a person’s salvation is partially your responsibility.  If God has placed a person in your hands, then you have the responsibility to pray for their Salvation. If there are words that you should say, God will give you the words at the right time.  See that is why the truth is everyone’s acceptance of Jesus is their own decision. Our part is to pray.  What if we know someone is living in sin?  Again pray for them.  If there are words that you should say, God will give them to you at the right time.

We have to examine ourselves against Jesus’ warning to the churches.  I cannot determine the state of anyone’s soul but my own.  So often you hear Christians speaking poorly about other Christians.  If I have first hand knowledge, and have been convicted by the Holy Spirit to talk to them or to warn against them; then this is what Jesus means by not tolerating evil doers in your church.  This refers to people who are deliberately trying to tear down the church or other Christians.  If something is Biblically unsound, we must draw a line.  Someone that is unrepentant and living in sin that will negatively affect the church, then church leaders must prayerful consider removing that person. A person that is not in a position of leadership and not trying to disrupt the church, this is someone that you should pray for their return. Please note we are not talking about the day to day sin that people do.  This is referring to unrepentant unbiblical behavior.  

There are so many Moral issues facing the world today, just as they were in Sodom and Gomorrah. our responsibility to these people is to pray and wait for the Holy Spirit’s instructions.

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