Does helping others really help you?

There are so many pleas for our dollars and it is often overwhelming. Hurricane Harvey victims, pets, homeless, the family with the sign asking for money, veteran help agencies, St Jude’s hospital.  Each a good cause, each asking for money.  You know it is the right thing to do, but when is enough?  Deuteronomy 15:11: There will always be poor people in the land. Therefore I command you to be open handed toward your fellow Israelites who are poor and needy in your land. Which charities should you help.  The church alway wants money. Charity starts at home.  Recently someone said if things are not right at home, and you try to help others, you will not be successful. If the home falls apart then life is a mess and  when you are in chaos helping others, well it might just be too much.  Sure helping others takes the focus off of you. It can be a two edged sword. Also at home there are problems and then there are PROBLEMS. If you are having everyday problems at home, helping others will take the negative focus and turn it into positive energy.  However, if you are having PROBLEMS, then focus on the home.  Fix it and then you can help others.  It is the log in the eye versus the speck in the eye.  Which still does not answer the question to whom should I give my money?  The Bible tells us 10%.  Recently I told someone that if you are giving money to God’s work, then it counts as the 10%.  What if you want to do more?  This is my advice, pray and ask God commit your plans to the Lord and God will keep your path straight. You do not have to give to every charity that comes your way.  Trust God and he will let you know which ones are worth your attention. 

Helping others helps you because one, you are working for God’s kingdom. When you work for God’s Kingdom there are always blessings (does not necessarily mean monetary). More often than not you will feel better about yourself.  Feeling Better about yourself is worth a million dollars.


What if the Eclipse is ….

As we approach the Eclipse, there is a lot of excitement and people are pouring into Nebraska, and other states in the path. People ask if you have you glasses.  But there is also another thought what if this is the beginning of the End? What if it is? If you have read Revelations, you might be thinking, it is the beginning of the End. If it is, are you ready?  Do you have the seal of God?  And what exactly is the seal of God? Well, when you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, the Holy Spirit, the advocate, the helper, The Holy Ghost, there are many names used.  But in Acts 2, when the Holy Spirit was sent to the disciples, He was promised to future believers as well.  The seal of God is The Holy Spirit. We say Jesus lives in us. The powers of evil recognize God in you.  Think about it, when you are around other Christians, you can feel the Holy Spirit in the room?  Especially if worship is involved. It is that warm fuzzy feeling that you feel when in worship. Satan can see your light. Remember Jesus said we are the light of the world. In Revelation 8, describes the scene of those are sealed and it says the numbers are too great to count. Let that sink in, too great to count. There is also 144,000 of God’s chosen people (before Jesus’s sacrifice, people of Israel). But of the Gentiles, the numbers are too great to count. If it is the beginning of the End, and you have Jesus as your savior, Your are ready.


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