The Cornerstone

What exactly is the cornerstone?  It is the stone that if removed, the building will crumble. It is at the bottom in the corner, two walls rest on that stone. If it is not strong, the walls will sag.  When we are speaking of Jesus, we are speaking of the one that was rejected. Jesus was rejected in his time. There are many that reject Jesus. 

Here is one reason that perplexes me, coming from a person that knows Jesus is Great, the Salvation of the world.  However, because they have seen “Display Christians” you know the talk the talk but don’t walk the walk; they are put off and say Christs is not real.

Then there are those that see an active Christian make a mistake and are put off. You know the ones holding up a microscope to your life and if they find one little skeleton, then Christians are fake.  Don’t look at my life, there are many skeletons hanging there.

There are so many reasons that people use to not believe in God.  But it is this verse,  1 Peter 2:7,  that gets me. 7 Now to you who believe, this stone is precious. But to those who do not believe, “The stone the builders rejected  has become the cornerstone,”

See the concept that something is the cornerstone, makes me feel confident. It says I can depend on God. I can trust Him.  

My life isn’t perfect, I have made mistakes. In the future, I will make mistakes.  The people in the Bible have made mistakes, except for Jesus.  That is why he is the cornerstone. We can look at Jesus and see perfection.  Afterall He is holding up the foundation of our lives, don’t you want to build on a perfect cornerstone?  Or would you rather build on one that is cracked?  That is called building on your own wisdom.  When we build using Jesus’ wisdom, we are building on a solid rock, a good foundation.

We are depending on the cornerstone.



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