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There are times when we feel useless and unworthy. These are just whispers of the Devil. If we allow these thoughts to percolate, they will turn into an ugly black mood.  There are so many things that can cause us to feel this way.  recently I found myself feeling that way.  There are people working on my roof.  The damage is worse than we thought. It is awful, we are not paying that much and try as we might we were unable to get many volunteers. Only my husband’s nephew, my husband, son, the contractor, his stepfather, his cousin, wife, and their two young sons.  Our house is 1820 square feet and the roof is about 2500 square feet including the attached two and 1/2 car garage. It is a large roof. If it were a roof without damage, and everything was perfect, maybe that many people could have done it in a weekend. I have a couple of things against me climbing up on a roof. On a good day, I walk wobbly. Ever heard of a weeble? People that know me say “weebles wobble but they don’t fall down”. It is not as mean as it sounds, because I know they are just teasing me. Here I am on my third run to buy more materials and boom I go down hard. It would have been harder but my husband caught me. What can I do but put on my braces and go to the store. When we returned from the store, I collapse emotionally.  All these people are working so hard to fix my roof. My nephew went home early. But there is so much work to do and did I tell you we are not paying them that much. I am overwhelmed by what must be done and how enthusiastic they are that “It is going to be done right, no leaks a great roof”. I am sure it will be but so frustrated that I can’t help. Besides being wobbly, I take medications that don’t respond well to sunlight.  Less than ½ hour out in the sun makes one of my medications useless. What I failed to realize that is what many of us fail to realize is that just because we are not doing the hard-physical work, our work has value.  For example, I was a gopher, a cheerleader (don’t tell me) a place for the kids to go when they needed a break. A water provider, a meal provider.    Paper pushers have importance.  Without the paper pushers, the computer operators, the telephone receptionists, etc.; these people take care of the tedious work. The work other people hate to do.  It is necessary and it is as needed as the barista.  Yes, I am not afraid to admit, Coffee is in the need column. If you don’t believe it, ask my family what happens if I must get up at O’dark thirty, and the coffee isn’t finished brewing.  Or worse, the pot, the one that worked yesterday has stopped working.  What I really need more is my time with my cup of coffee and my Bible.  Lately, life has been hectic and I have been missing it.   For whatever reason, I haven’t found the time. I try having that time some other time, but there is interference. It seems the harder I try to cut through the interference, the more strife there is.  Satan is working overtime to keep me away from that time with God.  That is how he works.  The computer is acting up, at the dentist’s office things go terribly wrong, procedure done but completion not scheduled for almost 4 months. Oh, and then there is the double billing (billing for the same procedure twice).  The roof is such a mess that it is taking longer than expected.  There is time out for job interviews, and of course groceries must be bought.  Which means I am struggling with self-worth issues, and the frustration of not seeming to be able to take out that time with God.  I forgot to mention the pets are not responding well to all the noise.  My little dog, wants my attention constantly.  She does not want me to write or balance the checkbook, or fix a meal; she wants me to hold her constantly.  I can read the Bible and hold her, do it all the time. My problem is that spending time with God requires a quiet mind.  With all these things happening, it is hard to quiet my mind.  At this point it seems as if Satan is winning.  But he won’t God won’t let him, I am one of God’s chosen. That doesn’t mean that I do not have work to do, I must push everything aside and pray.  I need to listen to God. Hear his voice. But once I start taking that time to listen, telling the evil one he is not going to win; Jesus is right there pushing the evil one out-of-the-way.  The more practice I have the quicker the evil one goes.  It really takes work. It takes practice.  Yet when you think about very few people can just jump In and be experts at the stop.  Oh, sure there are those that just pick up everything and are good at everything.  Most people must work and work at everything they learn.  Do you think Big Ben could run through a line without practice?  Terry Bradshaw wasn’t born knowing how to be one of the greatest quarterbacks that ever lived.  He claims Phil was (Duck Dynasty Phil) but look how that turned out.  The one that had to work and work was the historic QB. The big question is, how much do you want to have a relationship with the savior?  To be good, it will require work.

There is another way to put it, think about your closest relationship, does it just happen or does it take work?  Occasionally, we hear about relationships that “just happen”. Those are rare. Even those we just click relationships would not happen if we didn’t make time for them.  A relationship with God is not any different.  Sure, he knows us, can hear us, but we don’t know him, unless we chose to know God.  Spending time God is an effort.   Those “unworthy, useless feelings, when we pay attention to our relationship with God, they fade.  Why? because when your relationship with God is strong, it is harder for the Devil to get even his pinky toe into your thoughts. His little lies are obvious and weak.



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