30 Days of Thankfulness

During the month of November, My feed is full of things for which people are thankful. It is really nice seeing all the posts giving Thanks to the Lord for all the things they have.

I thank God I am no longer hungry physically or spiritually. I have been both.  

Being physically hungry makes you food dependant. Everything is about finding food. Being a child and being physically hungry is demoralizing.  You will worry about having enough food for a long time into adulthood. What about spiritual hunger, How does that work?

Being a Christian who walked a way for a time; I know that spiritual hunger gnaws at you as bad if not more so than physical hunger. We try to fill that spiritual hunger with anything from cigarettes to multiple sexual partners. You know the saying Drugs, Sex and Rock and Roll?  Well that person was very Spiritually hungry. 

People were made by God and need His presence in their lives.  We do crazy stupid things because we don’t know Jesus. We don’t listen to His instructions and if we knew Jesus well at one point and time in our lives and…

walked away from attending church from spending time with God; then our spiritual hunger can drive us crazy.

  I can remember the moment that I realized I could not feel God’s presence.  He had been easy access in the past. In this one moment when I realized I was removed from God and could not feel Him, my life was in the toilet. That was also the moment that I started looking for a way back.  Started focusing on reading His word and praying.

So today and everyday, I work hard to remember that I am not physically or spiritually hungry. 

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