When God says stop, He means it.

I have started feeling restless wanting things, God has told me to wait. I started complaining that I have never done anything fun, a boring life.  My husband started walking me down memory lane.

It turns out I have lived a rather exciting life.  It hasn’t seem that way over the last few years. As God was throwing bricks at me telling me to slow down.  I was over-involved.  You know the one who made a meal for every call to the church.

At the church every time the doors opened.

Giving kids rides everywhere and not just my own.

Working a regular job. 6 to 8 hours a day.  It was only supposed to be 4 but they asked me to handle extra things so of course I did.

Keeping the house clean and organized.

Then I got seriously sick- down for a month or more- 4 times.  

After the last time.  I quit everything and focused on writing and getting well. (May 2017)

I have lowered all my numbers.  There is still more to go.

Yet I find myself antsy to find a job, make some money.

I hear God saying I gave you the way to make money.

I want to start helping people.

God says help the ones I put into your path.

Maybe someday I will do exciting things, until then, I am striving to be content.

Content with where I am and what I am doing.


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