You are just a woman OR ARE YOU?

We are Children of God, the one true king. We are wives, mothers, sisters, aunts, and friends.

I want to be remembered as all of them. But I want to focus on the “Child of God”.

The last place I want to hear in my place of worship is that I am just a woman. I have a mission from God.  My mission is just as important as yours.  Yet sometimes, I hear what can I do, I can’t be a ministry leader, I am a woman.

Just because we are not at the top, does not mean that our ministry is less.  There are women in the bible who are mentioned by name such as Rahab (she was a prostitute)

Another prostitute which is just as acclaimed, was not mentioned by name at all – we know her as the Woman at the Well.

No you do not have to be a prostitute to have a mission from God – take Ruth for example, or Deborah, or Mary, Mother of Jesus. Another woman of impact was Naomi.  I want to be a mother-in-law like her.  (If I ever get to be a one)

I hate that phrase – just a woman.  When I was younger it had a different meaning.  It meant I was supposed to get married – into a good family and raise a family.  I was not supposed to do anything.

I was a soldier, I worked the corporate ladder for a while, not a pretty sight; I am a mother, but the mission that I kept overlooking; was the Child of God.  That was the mission I should have focused on from the day I became one.

If you went to my high school, my career choices and the occasional poor lifestyle choices probably surprise you.  But not my Child of God mission, which is to tell everyone I can that life with Christ is blessed and how to access these blessings. That would not surprise anyone that knew me in high school.  My army buddies, well that is a different story.  Everything I didn’t do in High School -I did those things. The one thing that surprised me is how I behaved when I made lots of money.  I was a stuck up B-word who looked down at everyone. Making a moderate amount of money is much better.

But if you think that just because you are a woman  your ministry is not important, then you do not understand the concept of a seed planted.

I wish I still had the pictures of my garden a few years ago.  It was huge and I only planted about ten plants.  The squash, the peppers, and tomatoes were all intertwined.  I had to tear down the whole thing to harvest anything. That year I gave away tons of spaghetti squash, tomatoes, and peppers.  I froze a lot of it. We had great spaghetti sauce that year.  That is the concept of one seed. A tiny seed is planted.  Then watered, and feed, and then it turns into a banner crop because God’s hand is upon it.




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