Unconditional Love

As I sit here and pet my small dog, I think of how she loves me unconditionally.  No matter what, she is there ready to cuddle, play or give me little kisses.  She is so tiny yet has so much love.

It reminds me of how Jesus loves us, unconditionally. He does not care about our past only our future. He loves everyone even those who have not yet accepted him. Forgiveness is free we just have to accept him as our savior.   There are gifts that come with Salvation.  Gifts such as peace, everlasting life, hope, and everlasting JOY.

Does Jesus expect anything from us.  No he does not expect us to do anything but Love and Honor Him.

When we Love Jesus unconditionally, we love others unconditionally.  It is not something that we intend to do, it just happens.  Just like my little dog, who weaseled her way into my heart, with her unconditional love.  I found myself loving her back.  I bought her as a pet without any idea of how she would change our lives.

Through her, I have learned to be more open to people. See that is one of those things Jesus does, he brings people or in this case an animal into our lives so we can grow into better people.

Sometimes, he brings people into our lives so we can share His Love with them.

Like my little dog was an example for me, I have to be an example for others. He places people into our lives that don’t know him or maybe have heard of Jesus, but do not understand His way.

Unlike our pets, we have to learn to Love unconditionally.

Sometimes the people he puts into our lives are hard to love.

It would be nice if we could all love as a pet does. But there are days when I have to pray for grace. I have to pray and ask God to show me how to love those people. I ask God why are they in my life. And I hear because they need to learn how to love unconditionally.

Think of all the unkind people in your life.  Think of how much they need Jesus.  Think about how you will feel when you realize the tiny seed that you planted helped lead them to Jesus. Because you were a good example even when you did not want to be.  Even when you found the person disgusting or irritating.

See Jesus tells us to go out into the world. If we follow His example, we will remember that he associated with prostitutes, tax collectors, and sinners.  He had very little time for the So called Men of God, the Pharisees and the Sadducees.  They did not share God’s love with their fellow-man.  Instead they walked around pious with an attitude that they were better than everyone else.  They were the men Jesus stood against.  They were also the ones that God used to make Jesus the sacrificial lamb for our sins.

Jesus puts us in place to share His love.  He uses crap that man piles on us to share His light in the darkest places. Something we can’t do if we think we are better or have not learned to love unconditionally as He does.



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