I can

As I sit here watching my little dog sit in the sunbeam on the carpet in the living room, I am reminded of the warm feeling I get from just sitting in God’s warm embrace.

The one you get after studying the word, after praying while you are just sitting there quietly  just waiting. The moment right before you get your marching orders.
Just like my dog, I don’t want to leave that spot where it is warm and comforting.

While care of ones self is vital; not just your physical or mental self, but your spiritual self as well. There reaches a point where we have to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty.  Maybe you help others without getting your hands dirty, most of us do hard work.  Even if it is not physically demanding.

I realize that although I am still in recovery, there are little things I can do to turn my eyes to others instead of just inward.  I can pray for people, I can write encouragement to people, and I can research things for people.

I can sit and make phone calls.  I can find work answering phones, editing, or writing.  I can type letters or other correspondence. Yes, for sometime I can’t do physical work; but that doesn’t mean I can’t live.  I can be productive.  It will just take some creativity to find a way to use my God-given talents.


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