Anger, Wisdom, and Peace

There are days when it is hard to keep control of our temper.  I was no exception.  But these days, I am finding it easier.  It is a matter of prayer and deciding what is important.  Is it life or death?  Is eternity at stake? If the answer is no, then it doesn’t matter. So what if someone re-posts a devotional that I have written without giving me credit.  Truth is I am honored, it means I was listening when God was whispering.  God used me to inspire someone.  Not to mention that the message, the important part, is being spread.  To God be the Glory.  I mentioned eternity at stake, God doesn’t need me to fight for him. He needs me to spread His word.

My job is spread the message in a manner that people hear God’s word.  I always hoped that I could spread God’s word through the spoken word. But that is not my gift.
My gift is to write, not necessarily a big audience but I trust God that those that will benefit from what I write receive.

The course of action, no longer allowing myself to try to control everything, I finally get balance and self-care. It doesn’t require a lot of action. It requires giving things to God and only handling the things he inspires me to do. Wisdom

Actions taken through wisdom, prayer, time in the word, and speaking to God (a listening activity) Those things bring peace.


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