Proverbs Challenge Day 18

15 The heart of the discerning acquires knowledge,  for the ears of the wise seek it out.

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How can I know if my heart is discerning, I think that I am seeking new information. As yourself where are you seeking knowledge? Are you listening to someone’s unproven theory?  In today’s world it is really hard to determine what is fact, so much fake news.  There are people claiming to be experts that aren’t.  People who claim this will …. and it won’t.  A few years ago, I bought this pan, it promised that it wouldn’t stick, it would evenly distribute heat, and it wouldn’t require any oil.  Maybe I used the pan incorrectly, maybe I bought a knock-off, or maybe it just wasn’t everything it claimed to be. One thing I didn’t do, I didn’t ask around to see if anyone bought the product. I didn’t read any reviews. Wisdom investigates, wisdom holds it up to the Bible standards. How do they back up their claims?  If you have been doing #ProverbsChallenge, you know the Bible repeats important messages.  We should expect everything to back up important messages.

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