Why memorials should stand

When I first hear about the Robert E. Lee’s memorials being taken down, I thought I am not going to get involved, someone might call me a hater.   Now I think what if someday someone says take down the 9-11 memorials? 9-11

or the Vietnam Veteran’s Wall , or get rid of all the WWII memorials?

Memorials are there for a reason.  We are not honoring those horrible men that drove airplanes, full of innocent people by the memorial.

We are honoring all those who died. The Robert E. Lee Memorials should have stayed not to honor Robert E. Lee; but to honor all those that died during the civil war.  To remind us that our country was so divided that we went to war.  To remind us why we need to become a United Country.  To remind us what goes wrong if we forget. another 9-11 memoril- PA

How would you feel if the real cross, was still standing and some group decided that it represented a bad point in history  for the Roman Government (now defunct) And this group wanted to rewrite history to make ancient Rome seem less brutal than it was?  See where I am going?  Sure Christiananity would not fall; it is just a symbol to remind us that Christ died for us.  Perhaps the south should have a Union memorial?  Has anyone ever seen a Union memorial?  There should be.  So will any memorial do?  I am sure that we can come up with a more tasteful statue to memorialize the civil war- Maybe Harriet Tubman?  Or pictures of horrific battle fields.

The point is tomorrow is 9-11 and who really cares anymore?  It was almost 20 years ago. The pictures of the burning towers are rarely seen.  I remember that day as if it were yesterday.  Do you remember why there are 9-11 memorials in Western Pennsylvania? Or Washington D.C? 113398410DC mememorial 9 11


If you remember pass the stories. Don’t let the younger generation forget that there are cray people out there.  People crazy enough to fly into skyscrapers. People that believe in their cause so much that not alone will they die for it; they will take others with them. Just like in the civil war, people so bent on their own ideas that they waged war and tore our country in two over it.  Just like all wars; there are people that believe in their cause so much that will die for it and take others with them.

0331130707aThere was a man that died that each and everyone of us could have eternal life.  His name is Jesus.


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