Second Chances

As Christians, we are supposed to be about second chances.  Yet are we?  If someone tells you that they are a convict, how do you react?  Do you jump back a bit? do you check for your wallet? Do you look to see if they have a weapon?  Jesus told us that he who is... Continue Reading →

The Beggar

John 5:2-7:This man had no one to help him.  No friends, no family, no church. Can you imagine being that alone?   I can't imagine being that alone. Not only was he alone he was an invalid. He was someone no one saw.  Jesus saw him.  To the world, this man did not exist. But... Continue Reading →

Letting go

  1 Peter 1:17-23: This Christmas season, we remember the birth of the Savior.  Peter reminds us that as Christians we are washed in the Blood of the Lamb (Jesus). Our Hope and Joy lie in this fact.  That Jesus came to this world as a baby to experience the world as a human meaning... Continue Reading →

” I think I can, wooh wooh, …”

Matthew 17: 19-20: I don't get it, I keep hearing that Nothing is impossible with God.  I also understand that all I need is faith the size of a mustard seed.  Then why aren't the mountains move for me?  Why does Jesus make it sound instantaneous?  In Luke it is described that if you tell... Continue Reading →

Satan the big distractor.

As a young person, I thought it was my responsibility to stand up against every single injustice in the world around me. It made me a very angry person, because I was often insulted, undignified, upset concerning this injustice or that injustice and wondering what I could do about it.  Lately I have been reading... Continue Reading →

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