Where do I fit?

In John chapters 14 and 15, Jesus is saying goodbye to His disciples. Chapter 15, starting with verse 18 continuing to verse 25, Jesus warns the disciple that they will be despised. As followers of Christ, we are often despised. We do not belong to this world. Yet we must live in this world.  We... Continue Reading →

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Is it really about the pain?

Every day the news - Pain Pain Pain ugly ugly ugly.  Oh sure some of the reports spend three minutes on an upbeat story.  We listen to pain battles, my pain is bigger than yours. Well I want to talk about Joy.  On the heel of Easter, Jesus is alive. He arose. There is no... Continue Reading →

Second Chances

As Christians, we are supposed to be about second chances.  Yet are we?  If someone tells you that they are a convict, how do you react?  Do you jump back a bit? do you check for your wallet? Do you look to see if they have a weapon?  Jesus told us that he who is... Continue Reading →

Can I really feel peace and joy every day?

Hebrews 12: 22-24:  To those of you like me, suffer from periodic periods of feeling down, hopeless; we need to remember this:  We have come to Mount Zion. We are children of the King.  Through Jesus we can tap into complete joy and peace. I know all this with my head, getting it to my... Continue Reading →

Why should I read the Bible?

Psalm 16: 5-8:  Life can be extremely hard.  Get up go to work, come home do more work.  Work two jobs. When do I have time to be in your word, Lord?  The truth is you must make time. This passage reminds us when we trust in the Lord, we will not be shaken. We... Continue Reading →

When you have lost that God given feeling of PEACE

1 Peter 5b-6: Don’t be proud and cast your cares upon Jesus.  These verses are warning us against even working closely with people who are proud.  Recently I found myself caught up in a training program which promised to teach me how to be a better public speaker and writer.  I did learn a few things. ... Continue Reading →

Why is it so hard to have Faith?

Luke 8:22-25:  We are talking about understanding the word.  Take this for example, we know that at least 4 of Jesus' disciples are experienced fishermen.  This passage mentions a squall: a sudden burst of winds around 40 mph,  which does not last.  It does not say a terrible storm, a hurricane.  The point is at least 4... Continue Reading →

Unforgiveness, just let it go

Last night I went to see the movie “The Shack” last night with some friends.  During the movie, I felt some of my own hate boil up. Anger I had been harboring against someone for something they said.  The bad part, it is someone who does not even know me.  The other thing that happened... Continue Reading →

Taking the difficulty out of prayer

Matthew 6:5-14:  The disciples asked Jesus how to pray. It is a question many still have today.  The answer is not a long drawn out prayer.  The answer is found in the Lord's prayer.  It is actually just a few lines.  We give up our praises acknowledging that God is in charge. We pray for... Continue Reading →

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