Control, when used properly is good. It is when we try to control everything around us that it is sinful.

over organized
clearly over organized too many devices.

The Bible talks about self-control: Proverbs 25:28: Like a city whose walls are broken through is a person who lacks self-control. Lacking self control is bad.  But does that mean that we are supposed to control everything?  I can only control how I respond to a certain situation.

One of the ways I try to control everything is being organized.  There is nothing wrong with being organized, I just tend to take it to an extreme.  It is not enough that my files are color-coded and alphabetized but then I try to subdivide my folders creating a folder for every topic.  If I paid the bill the bill and the proof were separate but all in one larger folder.

In my kitchen, I pre-portion for lunches but then I wanted to do it for all the meals. The packaging alone was a nightmare not to mention the cupboard space and of course I wanted to color code everything.  It wasn’t enough to give things a particular place, I wanted different colors. I was failing at being an organizer because I wanted to be the greatest organizer ever. brownie

Self-control is the control that keeps us out of trouble.  When temptation strikes, say a warm fudge brownie topped with ice cream is handed to me. It is so big that it could serve six or more people; self-control keeps me out of diabetic shock.


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