Fresh Starts Second Chances started for a couple of reasons.

I started thinking about how Jesus gives each of us a second chance, a fresh start. He offers forgiveness of sins.  When we accept him as our personal savior, which is exactly how it sounds; Jesus I accept you as my personal savior, you are Lord and creator of all things.  I put my trust, my future, my eternity in you. Then we have the Mark of God, which is Jesus inside us. We are the light of the world.  This gives us a clean slate.  Unfortunately, we are human and make mistakes, but each time we say Jesus forgive us and truly mean it, we are forgiven and our sins are washed away.  We are made clean.

The other reason is to encourage others to give people a second chance a fresh start.  There are so many people in the United States who have criminal records (around 30-40 % of the population) and have tried to restart their lives and fail because of attitudes “you are a convict”.  As Christians, we are supposed to give people what Jesus gave us a new life. How can we live with ourselves and not be Pharisees if we sit in judgement of others.


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