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Now that we have finished #ProverbsChallenge: I have been wondering where I am going.

There are a few things that I have in the works.  I am working with someone to bring awareness to the epidemic of suicide. Later, I will publish a flyer with dates and times for my Nebraska friends.  September is Suicide Prevention month. I will write about veteran suicide as well.  As a veteran this is a concern for me.

I am also trying to get some things together for Domestic Violence Awareness Month Which is in October. If you remember I posted about Domestic violence throughout October 2017.   This year, I would like to talk about it.  I haven’t found a venue, but I am looking.  If you are in Nebraska and need someone to speak to your group about Domestic Violence, I am available.  I am a domestic violence survivor.

Then there is Thanksgiving and Christmas. But I haven’t thought that far ahead.

I am available for woman’s conferences, and teaching people how to think outside the box.  Interested?  Message me @bible.studier.lady@gmail.com



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