Why don’t my prayers get answered?

Mark 9:14-29, Jesus healed a demon possessed boy. The disciples had tried to remove the demons but did not have any success. When they asked Jesus why they were unable to remove the demon.  He told them in verse 29 that this type can only be removed through prayer.  This speaks to us about the power of prayer.  But I have prayed and prayed, and I still do not have an answer.  There are times when it can be confusing. Jesus says asks for anything in His name and it will be done (John 14: 13-14). So why aren’t things happening?  I have noticed praying specifically makes a difference as does reading God’s word.  I have also noticed that sometimes what I am praying is not about me. For example, if I pray for God to change my spouse, there is often work I need to do. That is the catch there are times we pray and expect God do all the work.  There are times God answers prayers and we don’t need to do anything but have faith. There are times when our prayers are being answered but the mountains don’t have anything to do with us. The change comes from other people. What if the change involves legislature?  It is not necessarily that the answer is no, it is we did not pray specifically or it is something that is just not good for us. God answers when we ask, the big catch is soon to God is not what we think when we think soon.

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